Well hello there!

I suppose this is the place where I'm supposed to write something fantastic to keep you intrigued and fascinated by my amazingness. Truth be told... I'm fairly down to earth and relatively normal (gasp).  I'm married and have four kids... together we forge our way through life and endure a lot of soccer games and mediocre meals together. 

In terms of "Art" since..... this is my website after all....  let me start off by bluntly stating, "I do not have a degree". It's not that I didn't want one...more like ... life has continually found a way to keep me from having the time to obtain it, and so... I just haven't finished, and very likely never will. I'm not self taught either though, but I think it would be pretty cool to wear that crown. Perhaps I could say that I'm somewhat self-educated? Outside of school I have spent a fair amount of time reading book after book about paintings, painters, biographies, values, color theory.... you name it. Actually, to avoid library fines, I frequently just read them right there on the aisle floor. Libraries and half-price book store... they used to offer free coffee.... but... now that the coffee's gone I don't hang out there as long.... there may be a connection...  but those are my go to places! I'm fairly thrifty.... I have this internal ethical compass that tells me that the world would have less waste if I bought everything second hand or made it myself.  So, pretty much our entire house is made up of thrifted, gifted, repurposed, and homemade items. Because of this I am a very accomplished seamstress, we do quite a bit of woodworking, gardening, weaving, tiling you name it! But painting.... painting is my passion.

I paint in both acrylic and oil (and do most of my sketches in charcoal). I have some strange unexplainable pull toward animals and flowers. Meaning... outside of art, I love animals and flowers... and in my art, I mostly paint animals and flowers. Color is a big player as well. I think... perhaps because I AM always thrifting things I find that my color palettes tend to be a little more vintage in nature... actually... lately I've been using old crocheted blankets that I've rescued as color inspiration.  (and anything embroidered,  I love embroidered things!) I also really like houseplants and hope to one day have at least 100 of them... I don't paint those though.  My daytime life companion and coworker is my chocolate lab, Kona. I've never painted her either.  

Anyhow... we live in Appleton, WI right now. (about 3 hours north of Chicago.... there is nothing between there and here, hahaha, I'm kidding... sort of....) Please feel free to shoot me an email or PM me on instagram and let me know how I can help!

And to end this with a quote:

Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul." ~Kandinsky

The end.... or.... maybe the beginning?